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Jean and Corduroy Bootie
Jean and Corduroy Bootie

Jean and Corduroy Bootie

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Sole length: 7.25" 
Approximate US Shoe Size:  10
Materials: 100% cotton upper with a super soft jersey corduroy toe, faux sherpa sole lining, and blue vegan faux suede non slip soles
Made by: 
Creative Roots


Enjoy the comfort of these ready to ship booties with a sole length of approx. 7.25". Exclusive, hand made, and one of a kind, constructed with cotton lycra main fabrics and entirely lined with microfleece. 

 These booties are stretchy, and have elastic attached inside the ankle area to prevent the bootie from falling off. 

 **If you are purchasing shoes or booties it is highly recommended that you choose sizes based on foot length only, and not by age or shoe size. This is very important in ensuring you get the right fit, as age and shoe size both vary significantly.

Exterior soles are non slip and the inner sole is done with a faux sherpa layer. The round toe shape and wide soles (wider than the slipper style) leave room enough to grow and wiggle.

This product is intended to be worn indoors and when it is dry outside. You can wash and dry on your machines delicate cycle. 

At Menta we pride ourselves on providing only the very best products for you and your little humans. Footwear is made using all vegan fabrics including faux suedes and leathers, and is sourced based on our beliefs that supporting our local economies and other small businesses is important.